Building a Better Layout (Game Dev Day 4)

Now that we have covered the default Unity layout, lets briefly look at a far superior one for the majority of projects.

Below is the Default Unity layout I covered last time. It looks nice, but we can do a bit better.

Default Screen for reference

This layout’s major issue is not being able to see the “Scene” window and the “Game” window at the same time. It is nice to be able to see the changes the players will experience in Realtime while you are editing.

Look at the layout below, and notice the two visual windows available.

Preferred layout

This game will eventually be a 2D space shooter (hence the project name), and now we can see what the players will see in that bottom “Game” window.

Watch as I manipulate the “Player Character” cube. You can see the player’s view in real time.

Being able to see the changes in both environments at once will save you hours of time throughout a career.

Next time we will cover Player Movement!

Unity Developer