Filebase: Assets At Your Fingertips!(Game Dev Day 67)

Having wrapped up my previous project (Stealth Game), I am moving onto level design. One of the obvious necessities for designing any level is, of course, the actual models and textures use to build the environment. These can be self made, bought in packs, or commissioned by artists. Fortunately, I have access to an asset database dubbed Filebase!

Example of some of the assets available.

Once you have a membership, Filebase is installed like any other Unity Package (Window>Package Manager> Filebase). Then you can import the assets you want to utilize directly into your Unity project for ease of access.

Download the assets.

From there, you can either find them in your hierarchy or use the folder icon at the top of Filebase to auto-locate all of the Filebase assets in your current project.

Click the Folder on the top right.
Displays all current Filebase objects, pressing locate will show them in your Hierarchy!.



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Jack Leavey

I am a software engineer with years of experience branching into game development, specifically in Unity. Follow along for guides on creating game mechanics!