Interactive Interaction — Building a User Interface

Players need information in order to engage with a medium. Videogame UI have been around as long a Pong, and that’s a long time!

In the 2D example game I have been constructing, the player shoots at enemies and collects powerups.

It’s playable, but it lacks instruction.

A helpful piece of information would be a score system, so let’s build one!

First off, we need a Canvas. A Canvas is a container for all UI elements in Unity.

When a canvas is created, Unity will automatically create an Event System as well.

You need an event system for any UI elements to work, do not delete it!

Now we can add a new text element and name it score_text.

Right Click inside the Hierarchy, got to UI, and add text.

In the Inspector, set the Text box to “Score:”. You may also change the text color, position, font, and size.

Now position your score where you want it in the Scene view. I placed mine in the top right corner.

Drag it around the Canvas.

Your game view will show your text wherever you placed it!

So how we do update the score? Well we will need a UI Manager to start. I use the Canvas as my UI manager, but often times there will be a dedicated UI Manager gameobject, much like the spawn manager.

Create a new C# script and name is appropriately (UIManager).

Attach this script to your UI manager in the hierarchy window

Inside the C# script we need to add a few things to the library at the very top of the script.

These are scripting libraries build into Unity that allow greater functionality.

Add lines 4 and 5 so we can set up the UI.

Inside this script we need to know what the Score Text is, so we add it as a variable. We also will need to know what the player is, so add that as well!

Now in Void Start we will set our player variable and the default value of our scoreText.

Make sure you set the scoreText variable in the Unity Inspector window!

We will make a new function to update the score, called UpdateScore.

Now, when do we want to all this function? When the player destroys an enemy with their laser specifically!

So our player needs to have an integer variable to hold their score, and a function to increase it.

Inside the PlayerController C# script.
Inside the PlayerController C# script.

Then, the enemy needs to call that function.

Inside the Enemy C# script.

Finally, the player needs to send the updated score to the UI manager!

Inside the PlayerController C# script. You may tell the player script what the UI manager is, if you haven’t already!

With all of that put together, the score counter should increment by 10 for each enemy ship we destroy!

You can use the same process to add a lives counter that increments down when the player loses a life!



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Jack Leavey

Jack Leavey

I am a software engineer with years of experience branching into game development, specifically in Unity. Follow along for guides on creating game mechanics!